You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

How did you come up with the name of your studio?
Our owner’s name is Gabriel and his mom always told him he was an angel. Now, he’s the Angel of Porn. Yes, there’s a halo for that.

Where do I buy your movies?
Right now, they’re only available on DVD. You can buy them at online retailers or at your local adult store. In the coming months, our titles will be available on our pay site, as well as VOD.

Do you guys really care what the fans think?
Yes, we do. We’re constantly looking at XCritic, Adult DVD Talk, Twitter and other places that fans leave comments or speak to us directly. Fans have a huge say in whom we cast in our movies, which girl gets the cover and they even name some of the movies, like “Anal Warriors”. The series/genres we make also revolve around what you guys want. So, yes, it’s all about the fans. Keep on talking to us.

How do you pronounce MimeFreak?
We get that a lot. It’s like two words in one “Mime” and “Freak”. It’s not pronounced “Meem Freak” or “Mimay Freak”—he’s not a cartoon character/meme nor is he French, but he is a really amazing director.

How do you decide who’s the Booty Queen?
We have auditions and the girls have to show their sexual prowess with the directors…just kidding. We thought whom do you think of when you think of a whole lot of ass. Seriously! About six names came to mind, but we decided Jada Stevens would be the first one. She’s got an amazing ass, knows how to use it, turns out kick ass scenes and she’s got a great personality. So, now she’s ArchAngel Royalty…literally, because we have a special chair/throne for her that will be revealed at AEE.

What’s the freakiest thing that’s ever happened on set?
Watch the BTS of our movies and the mystery will be solved.

Will you guys ever do Fuck a Fan?
You’re asking because you want a porn star to fuck you and get paid, right? You’d probably do it for free. We’d rather the fans buy our movies than be in them. But, feel free to fuck at home while watching them. And, don’t send in dick pics.

Can I come on set?
This isn’t Disneyland, people. We make the magic, put it on DVD and then you get to see it. Like most porn sets, we’re a closed set. Maybe, in the future, we’ll have a contest where you can come on set. We’ll keep you posted.

Will you have a pay site?
Yes, it’s coming this year. We want you to see our movies as many ways as possible. But, please pay for our movies, because people who pirate movies suck.

Who writes the blog?
The Keebler Elves and Sonic the Hedgehog…we wish. It’s our directors, the owners and maybe even our publicist.